Cuban Coffee Secret Coffee Lingo

Dear Coffee Lover. You have not lived until you've tried authentic Cuban Coffee. These heavenly espressos require a few simple steps to achieve that sweet seductive flavor. We went right to the source - Miami. CoffeeAmore presents to you our secret finding. You'll be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is to produce a world class espresso. Check out our Coffee and Espresso machines required to truly unveil the secret. Enjoy!

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  We recommend that you thoroughly clean a new Espresso machine. In addition, discard the very first coffee. This will insure that all the residues from the manufacturing process are removed. Start by unscrewing the top from the bottom part.
Pour fresh cold water to the level of the brass valve, as indicated >
Place the Sieve back into the bottom container. Spoon fresh espresso coffee. Top it off but DO NOT tamp the coffee. Close up the Espresso Machine by screwing the top into the bottom part.
Prepare in a separate container (preferably a stainless steel beaker) the sugar. Use about 1 1/2 tee spoon per small espresso cup.
  Place the Espresso Machine on the stove to start the brewing process. Wait for the first shot of coffee to apear. Depending on the size of your pot this may take a minute or two.
Pour the first shot into the prepared sugar and start to vigorously stir the mix. Aim for a creamy color with a molasses consistency.

Place the Espresso Machine back on the stove and brew the remainder of the coffee. Immediately remove when the rest of the coffee is expelled. Pour the remaining coffee into the molasses like sugar and gently mix with a spoon. Serve hot in small espresso cups.

That's it ! All you need to do now is sit back an enjoy the best espresso ever. Oh, and have a hardy bite of that moist delicious rum cake.

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